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LGBTQ+ Center Focus Groups

As a growing campus, UC Merced is dedicated to our LGBTQ+ Community. We project opening an LGBTQ+ Center in the near future and we need your vision to help us create a center that is holistically affirming of UC Merced’s entire Queer and Trans community, including undergraduate/graduate students, staff, faculty, and alumni. Additionally, it is imperative that the center serve the entire LGBTQ+ population, however it is important to centralize the lived experiences of our most vulnerable populations, trans women of color, in the process of creating the foundation for the center. We invite you to participate in the LGBTQ+ Center Focus Groups to assist with creating the mission, vision, values/pillars, of the center and to identify resources and services provided by the center.

There is limited space in each of these focus groups, therefore we suggest you sign up for a focus group that most closely matched your identity. For those who identify as allies, please sign up for one of the ally focus groups. Your identifying information will only be used to hold a seat for you at the specified focus group and to receive a reminder email. It will not be used while attending the focus group or in any other way than listed above.

Folx are welcome to come to the focus group without signing up, however, we reserve the right to turn folx away if the focus group gets too large. If we see the need to create additional focus groups, we will do so.

If you would like to meet individually, please contact Angi Baxter, LGBTQ+ Initiatives Coordinator, at or Ariell Wright, LGBTQ+ Initiatives Intern, at

Please plan to arrive at least 5 minutes before the focus group begins to ensure the process is not interrupted.

The focus groups dates, times, locations, and registration links are listed below:


LGBTQ+ Undergraduate Focus Group

Monday, Sept 17th 2018 7-8:30pm

KL 232 


LGBTQ+ Undergraduate 2 Focus Group

Wednesday, Sept 19th 2018 4-5:30pm

KL 232


LGBTQ+ Graduate Focus Group

Thursday, Sept 20th 2018 12-1:30pm

KL 232


Gender Inclusive Housing Focus Group

Monday, Sept 24th 2018 11-12:30pm

SSM 230


QTPOC Focus Group

Wednesday, Sept 26th 2018 1:30-3pm

KL 232


LGBTQ+ Staff Focus Group

Friday, Sept 28th 2018 2-3:30pm

KL 232


Student Allies Focus Group

Monday, Oct 1st 2018 11-12:30

KL 232


Trans/Gender Nonbinary Focus Group

Wednesday, Oct 3rd 2018 4-5:30pm

KL 232


Staff/Faculty Allies Focus Group

Friday, Oct 5th 2018 9-10:30am

KL 360


LGBTQ+ Faculty Focus Group

Friday, Oct 12th 2018 2-3:30pm

KL 232