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Scholar Coordinator Positions




With a focus on social justice, coalition building, education/training, collective healing and student agency, the Office of Social Justice Initiatives & Identity Programs seeks to serve the UC Merced community and aspires to cultivate, explore, provide opportunities for interactions, connections – a sense of belonging, and gain knowledge to be equipped and prepared to thrive in a diverse global society.


The Office of Social Justice Initiatives & Identity Programs (SJIIP) Scholar Coordinators assist in the coordination of signature events, programs, workshops, outreach, marketing, & support the daily operations of SJIIP, the Multicultural Center, LGBTQ+ Pride Center & the Black Cultural Resource Center. Scholar Coordinators report to professional staff within SJIIP.



  • Be at least a sophomore or first year transfer student
  • Must have & maintain a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  • A working knowledge of equity & inclusion


  • Demonstrate & articulate an understanding of issues related to social justice, the social construction of sex & gender, intersections of identity/ies, identity-based oppression, & understanding of concerns regarding campus climate for students of color & students who identify within the diverse & intersectional spectrum.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the mission & vision of the Office of Social Justice Initiatives & Identity Programs, the cultural centers & Affinity Spaces, & serve as an enthusiastic representative of SJIIP.
  • Have proven experience working cooperatively as part of a team & independently.
  • Strong interpersonal skills & the ability to work collaboratively with diverse students, staff, faculty & community members.
  • Ability to effectively manage time & multiple projects.
  • Ability to stay well-informed of current events on campus, general campus climate, locally & nationally.
  • Previous experience organizing events & facilitating discussions, with demonstrated interest in creative educational programming at UCM around social justice & intersectional identity-based topics.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality when appropriate & to refer students to appropriate services on campus as necessary.
  • Working knowledge of desktop publishing software & PC/Macintosh computers.
  • Must be available prior to the beginning of the Fall semester for SJIIP/Multicultural/LGBTQ+ Center student staff training (specific dates TBD in August).
  • This position does not discriminate by gender, gender identity/expression or sexual orientation.


  1. Administrative
    1. Management of office email account & various correspondence, including the response to &/or forward messages appropriately
    2. Documentation and referral of visitors who are in crisis or emergency situations
    3. Complete & submit progress reports regarding task and project development in a timely manner
    4. Complete, submit & maintain files associated with unit binders in a timely manner
  2. Front Desk
    1. Greet and intake visitors of office and retention centers, determine & track their needs, introduce them to center & office resources, programs & services, & community members, make appointments with professional staff as appropriate based on request or need.
    2. Maintain confidentiality of visitors &/or clients & information related to requests for services &/or support as appropriate
  3. Trainings, Staff Meetings & Engagement
    1. Must complete Office of Social Justice Initiatives & Identity Programs Scholar Coordinator Training & unit specific training offered in August
    2. Attend weekly 1 on 1’s & SJIIP team meetings
    3. Must participate with & complete Social Justice Retreat, Queer Ally Program & Gender Expansive workshops
    1. Office Hours

      1. Complete 12 hours of work per week August 2020– May 2021
        1. Six (6) hours must be completed in the center
        2. The other six (6) hours can be utilized for meetings, tabling, programming, etc.
      2. Complete other projects as assigned by professional staff
      3. Maintain visible presence in the Multicultural Center, LGBTQ+ Pride Center, & the Black Cultural Resource Center during scheduled center office hours
      4. Table to promote programs, events, & the SJIIP office


    1. Program & Event Planning
      1. Assist in the planning, implementation & assessment of signature programs. Responsibilities can range from processing paperwork, independently coordinating events to co-presenting with professional staff.
      2. Provide support to cultural clubs & organization & to provide support related to planning, implementing, publicizing, & evaluating events.
      3. Partner with Graphic Designers to provide program & event information for the website, calendar, social media & newsletter
      4. Assist in recruiting and organizing volunteers for programs & events
      5. Compile tabling & outreach materials about programs & events in a timely manner
      6. Manage, develop, and file assessment, & semester reports of all programming activities in collaboration with professional staff

    Additional questions to be included with resume, cover letter & references:

    1. What is your understanding of Social Justice?
    2. What is your experience with event planning and/or staffing events? If possible, please provide examples.
    3. The Office of Social Justice Initiatives & Identity Programs works to support many identities on our campus. Do you have a preference for an area you would like to work on? Please state all that apply:
      1. Gender Equity
      2. Racial/Ethnic Diversity
      3. LGBTQ+
      4. General Social Justice

    To apply for the Programming Scholar Coordinator position, please click here.


    1. Graphic Designers & Marketing Scholar Coordinator – is responsible for the design & creation of all advertisements & publications, website & social media accounts to advertise for the Office Social Justice Initiatives & Identity Programs, Multicultural Center, LGBTQ+ Pride Center, Black Cultural Resource Center, & the Affinity Spaces. As such, this position plays an important role in the branding & overall image of the SJIIP, MC, LCP, BCRC, & Affinity Spaces. Graphic Designer & Marketing Scholar Coordinator reports directly to the Identity Centers & Affinity Space Program Coordinator.
      1. Collaborate with the Director & Assistant Director of the Office Social Justice Initiatives & Identity Programs, Identity Centers & Affinity Space Program Coordinator, & the Graduate Scholar & Research Coordinator  & other SJIIP Scholar Coordinators to provide support with all UCM LGBTQ+ & cultural clubs & organization & to provide support related to planning, implementing, publicizing, & evaluating events.
      2. Develop & design of publicity & promotional materials for SJIIP, MC, LPC & BCRC events including but not limited to fliers, invitations, posters, & social media outlets
      3. Maintain & update SJIIP, MC, LPC & BCRC website, calendar, & social media sites
      4. Utilize Adobe Creative Cloud Software for the graphic design for office materials, fliers, posters, outreach materials, etc.
      5. Synthesize & develop outreach materials including informational handouts for specific identity communities & specific communities across campus
      6. Collaborate with all scholar coordinators to ensure that their work is represented in an on-line presence
      7. Coordinate publicity efforts with Outreach & Volunteer Scholar Coordinators, other scholar coordinators, staff & volunteers for tabling, class presentations & front desk outreach materials
      8. Manage, develop, file assessment, & semester reports of all graphic design & marketing materials in collaboration with professional staff
      9. Other duties as assigned

    To apply for the Graphic Designer/Marketing Scholar Coordinator position, please click here.